Vegan World Order

Vegan World Order Capybara Mascot Vegan World Order is concerned with nothing other than the economic reality that vegans want food tailored to their lifestyle. Here you will find recipes and restaurant listings that address these needs. Debating veganism is secondary for vegans who do not compromise their choices.

We apologize if you came to this site to argue. We don't care if you are or aren't vegan. A world where vegan is the de facto standard, vegetarian meals are a token gesture, and meat is a rarity would eliminate the need for this site. Until that day, this site helps vegans eat in a world that does not conform to their demands.

This site isn't about the political, religious, health, or social causes that are related to veganism. Vegan World Order merely represents the economic and gastronomic concerns of a well informed and increasingly prevalent group of individuals. In other words, we are keeping rhetoric out of vegan food.

Want to help?

Vegan World Order needs your help. If you would like to share a recipe, submit it. If you know of any vegan restaurants in your area, suggest them. There's plenty more you can do. Get to know this site, and feel free to make yourself as useful as you can. Hungry vegans everywhere will appreciate your effort.

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